It is already a tradition for us to visit this place every Friday evening. I really enjoy the interior and music, my husband likes all kinds of pizzas they serve here and my little daughter is crazy about desserts..... 

Food was great, the service was amazing and everyone was very friendly. If you are in town, don't pass it up!! Thank you again for everything!!

Delicious egg salad sandwich! Plus I got 2 pies, Rum Pecan and Peach...both delicious!!

This is one of my favorite lunch places in Deale! They always have daily specials and that is typically what I order from. They have homemade chips and french fries that are to die for. The staff is always super friendly and be sure to grab a pastry for a dessert.

Amazing atmosphere and people...really feels good here...nice to hang out...excellent Cappuccino while I waited for my freshly made blackened rockfish wrap with a really unique cucumber wasabi "relish" ("Cusabi" ) with really good home-made OldBay chips....great, reasonable price..$10.59...

Now I'm on a mission...if the wrap is this good, .I'll be back for the crab cake !